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Current location: Tokyo
Hello, everybody!
My name is Q. I’m a Chinese. I’m now studying at Waseda University, and after school I work for Asunova as an intern. I’ve been working here for 12 months now.

I applied for Asunova because I was really interested in the project aiming at entering the Chinese Market.

I have been worked as a sales before. I learned how to understand clients’ needs, close sales and above all the importance of persisting through challenges while working for a marketing company in Shanghai. As in intern helping launch a new business in China, I proved to myself that no matter how challenging things can get, I can keep working towards success.

This first experience in sales was key for me to convince Asunova that I would prove immediately useful. As an intern, I have been praised for my ability to build and leverage lasting relationships with clients to generate sales. In charge of a project aiming at entering the Chinese market, my potential customers were at first unconvinced by the services I was offering them. I was still on track to achieve my target of a 10% closing rate, but I felt as if we could still do better. I then endeavored to reach these clients again, organizing in depth conferences to better understand their demands, business outlook and strategy. Tailoring our products to their requirements using our new knowledge allowed me to more than triple my sales ratio and to build a business relationship with 83.5% of my prospects. The process really helped me better learning what a sales should do and developed my people skills. And during this, all my colleagues and supervisors really helped a lot by teaching me, giving me the chance to challenge and grow. This fabulous experience is very important to my whole career path, and  I really appreciate every minute working here!

View from the office balcony at night. Yes, we have a balcony.


So, don’t hesitate, just apply. Hope you would enjoy working here as much as I do.

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  1. Barbi says:

    You’ve ipmressed us all with that posting!

  2. Zoe says:

    Hello. I am a student from Singapore, and I am applying for a full time job at Asunova. I found your website when I was searching on google. If possible, could you share more with me on your working experience and the selection process? Thank you:)

    • admin says:

      Hello Zoe!

      Nice to hear from you. I’ll be glad to answer your questions if you could get in touch with me at felicia[dot]tan[at]asunova[dot]com. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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