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Hello from the Shanghai office!

And hello to sunshine! Finally some benevolent weather after a week of sunshine deprivation and piling on an inhuman number of layers (two coats and two mufflers at once, can anyone beat that) every time I venture into the freezing outside world.  I made it to the office in half my usual time today thanks to the return of some limb function. I kid, I kid.

This will be the first in a series of posts by Asunova members in a rotation of different languages to reach out to our blog readers outside Japan. We will be taking turns to document our daily undertakings and what Asunova is all about. Stay tuned, I promise it will be exciting.

My name is Felicia, and I am Asunova’s first member from Singapore. I joined the Tokyo office right after my graduation from the National University of Singapore Business School this year. I spent a month in the coziest office ever in downtown Tokyo, where an exotic blend of voices speed-conversing in at least three different languages at any one time, a great big bookshelf, and cacao banana splits are part of my typical work day. Yes, our Chief Alliance Officer Maki is also a raw desserts extraordinaire.

Documentation of said talent.


Making merry in the Tokyo office.


I’ll be here for the next couple of months to help the Shanghai team out with their biggest project ever. Everything is moving so fast. It’s really all very exhilarating.

It’s another busy day today here. The morning was spent, along with my usual breakfast of Tea Eggs and extra thick milk tea (hello hypertension, too), finishing up a couple of very exciting project plans that I’ll be telling you more about if all goes well. Some more reports to skim through, a video conference with an overseas partner, our weekly operations meeting with the Tokyo office in a while, and then we’re done with the work day. Technology, Asunova loves you.

All that’s left to do now, is to wean myself off my xiaolongbao addiction…

A gratuitous picture of xiaolongbao sitting pretty. Photo by





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