Why I Fell in Love with Asunova

Current location: Tokyo 

Hello, everyone! It is my first time to meet you here in this blog. First, let me introduce myself. I am Wen-Ling Wu from Taiwan, and everybody calls me lingling. I have been in Japan to study in Waseda University since last April and joined Asunova as an intern last September. This my first intern job in Japan and I found it really challenging and interesting.

I still remember when I first got into Asunova office, I was surprised at the casual and relax working environment in Asunova. Everybody was focusing on his/her job but he/she gave me a big smile and said Good Moring to me when I came in the office. We don’t have to wear formal suit to work and there is even a closet to hang on our coats. I like the tables in working area, which are really different from other offices. The tables are clean and neat so that you won’t find any scattered documents. We don’t have office cubicles and fixed seat(just as how Microsoft do!) so that we could choose any place in the office to work at, and the open space design gives us opportunities to talk to people who sit around me whenever we want. There is also meeting area that besides holding meeting, we often have lunch together in. Moreover, We have sofa and small round table near the window that we could spend time with coffee and work there. Sometimes I even forget I was in my office and think that I was in a coffee shop near my home. There is also a shelf full of books in office that we could rent book home for free.

The atmosphere here is really great. We help each other when we get problems and you wouldn’t find any bureaucracy system here. We have interns, full time workers and of course executive managers but you could feel that everybody is equal here. Managers teach us patiently and often make me think about how to improve better. We set goals and schedules every day right after we walk into the office and write daily report to reflect today’s work before we leave the office . Following the principle of PDCA(plan, do, check, act), we carefully set short, medium long-term goals and try our best to accomplish them. We always think about how to do it better after we finish projects.

I love my work not only because it teaches me a lot but also because of the friendly atmosphere here. I really appreciate that I could work in Asunova and meet the wonderful people here

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