Working at a Venture Company

Name: Eiko Taki
Current location: Tokyo

Hello, my name is Eiko Taki and I joined to here ASUNOVA since last August.

Actually, I am not the Intern student, but part time worker supporting office and head quarter division. Since some of the members posted the daily work already, let me introduce what I am thinking through past months in ASUNOVA.

First of all, I would like to introduce about my working background.

I started my career at the apparel importing company, simply because I love the fashion. After 3 years, I moved to another company which is German tableware and glass maker. I worked there about 5 years and it brought me a lot of joy of working, learning, and communicating with colleagues both of in Japan and in Europe, and many clients. Since I have interested in dining and design, and also the products don’t be changed as fast as fashion industry, I could work at each product taking my time. Now, maybe you have a question why I joined ASUNOVA, because it seemed that it is difficult to find the relations between these past two companies and the present ASUNOVA as a venture company.

I happen to meet the chance to join ASUNOVA. Telling the truth, it was little bit hard to get used to ASUNOVA, since here the things move and change day by day, also my work was seemed like that it was totally different from what I did before. But after some weeks, my mind changed, that was I myself have to find and approach the relations. For example, I can make and check the presentation file for clients of ASUNOVA, and here I can make good use of the experiences that I made the presentation for the buyer at the previous company. I try to make the good environment that the players and interns can enjoy and concentrate each works, and that is what I learned from colleague at another company.

What I want to say, it is good to find the work or your space on very professional and limited area, but it is also good experience to put yourself into different area. It is yourself, who guide and let you think “what is the working, what I am working for…” There you can find another side of yourself, and have a chance to learn or even get the chance to read the book which you have ever read before.

If you have a chance to join ASUNOVA no matter as intern or fulltime member or even part time member, you are lucky, because everyone has the equal chance and opportunity for working and experience. Here in the office I often see the members discuss and try to find the solution, try to make the things better. Of course, the managers of each division give them the advice to let them think. I am glad to see the members try and progress day by day.

Though, I have already experienced some works before, I feel that I progress step by step through the works in ASUNOVA. Before I joined here, I thought that to work at Venture Company, I needed to be good at figures, needed to be more and more aggressive, needed to have spectacular working or education background. But now I think that these are my obsessive ideas. I mean, the most important thing is holding the same purpose, the same dream as a team and feeling the excitement and speed that we are growing and challenging!!

So, don’t be afraid to join venture company, nor you will miss one of the best opportunity, I swear.

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