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Time flies. I cannot believe that I have worked for Asunova Inc. for nearly one year. I still remember the day on April,4th,2012, I had my first internship interview in my whole life.

I started my life in Japan from September, 3rd, 2011, as a regular student in Waseda University. At that time, I could not speak Japanese at all, I could not even remember all the katakanas. However, I wanted to prove myself that I can live on my own which is also one of the reasons why I chose to study in Tokyo alone without any Japanese communication skill. Therefore, I was eager to find a part-time job to earn some money or an internship to start getting to know about Japanese industry and how the real society works more.


Despite of my strong will, I first failed to find a part-time job in a restaurant after one or two months after I came to Tokyo, which is normal because I could not even understand what Japanese said. I guess I was long for a job too much so that I committed such a thoughtless action.

Half a year passed, while I was a little depressed that I could not work like my other Japanese friends, I suddenly saw the information of the internship offered by Asunova Inc. on a post from my senior on FB. The internship did not require any Japanese level, I was so glad that I finally found a job that I was able to be qualified for. At that time, my Japanese has improved a little bit, I could understand some of the words from the sentences Japanese spoke. Right after I came back from Taiwan for my first Spring vacation, I had an interview appointment with Asunova.


On that day, I was so nervous because I could not even find the office. After I called the office, and a Chinese girl told me the direction, I finally found the place 30 minutes later than my appointment time. However, I quickly found out the difference of the office. It is small but well equipped, the environment is filled with relaxing music but the employees and internships are diligent. After passing the interview and the trial work, I was so happy to be informed that I was chosen to be one of the four internships out of 25 older students although I was the youngest only 18 years old. I happily found out the most important fact, the managers were so kind and patient. No matter how many questions I asked, they was always willing to teach and help me. Through this one year internship, I not only learned how to use Excel, write mail magazine, post advertisement on Facebook, but also, most importantly, I learned what kind of attitude I should have as a staff working in a company. That is always being humble to learn, and always stand in the shoes of the company, clients, and customers whoever you work for. What I realized from this internship is that as long as you think the way the company, clients, and customers think, you can accomplish their goal while having a real sense of fulfillment.


Once I heard someone said that always be appreciated to those who were willing to give you the first job even though you are unexperienced. I am very glad that Asunova was willing to give me this rare opportunity when I was just merely a freshman. In addition, my insistence was right, I told myself I would work hard in this company as long as I could. One year ago, I was just an internship who did not know what I was working for or even understand what I was doing; while now, I am in charge of a project feeling fulfilled after the success of the event. Therefore, another thing I confirmed from the internship is the importance of persistence, in other words, the longer you have been doing something, the more you can learn from it.

I still have four months left for this internship before I go study abroad to the United States, and I believe that by the day I finish my internship in Asunova Inc., I will walk out of Tokyo office with things I learn more than what I did now, and keep on learning and improving in the future.

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