Time Flies

Jenny Current location: Tokyo Office   Time flies. I cannot believe that I have worked for Asunova Inc. for nearly one year. I still remember the day on April,4th,2012, I had my first internship interview in my whole life. I started my life in Japan from September, 3rd, 2011, as a regular student in Waseda University. At... more →
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Working at a Venture Company

tokyo office
Name: Eiko Taki Current location: Tokyo Hello, my name is Eiko Taki and I joined to here ASUNOVA since last August. Actually, I am not the Intern student, but part time worker supporting office and head quarter division. Since some of the members posted the daily work already, let me introduce what I am thinking through past months... more →
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Global Hiring 2012: Information Sessions at NUS and NTU

Felicia Current location: Tokyo    Hi everyone! So I’m back from our round of recruitment talks in Singapore with Maki, as some of you might have already read on our Facebook page (which we’re on virtually 24-7, so there you go, yet another communication channel just for you guys). We made our rounds this year at... more →
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Why I Fell in Love with Asunova

Lingling Current location: Tokyo  Hello, everyone! It is my first time to meet you here in this blog. First, let me introduce myself. I am Wen-Ling Wu from Taiwan, and everybody calls me lingling. I have been in Japan to study in Waseda University since last April and joined Asunova as an intern last September. This my first intern... more →
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アスノバを支えるミッション。Follow our mission makes us stable.

Photo by kuwait kites team(http://www.flickr.com/photos/46862617@N02/)
English bellow  Japanese. 名前: 有田 現在位置: 上海 Photo by kuwait kites team(http://www.flickr.com/photos/46862617@N02/) あけましておめでとうございます。新年1本目のBlogは有田が担当します。 2011年、日本にも、そしてアスノバにも沢山の事がおこりました、その中で毎回 「アスノバらしいって何だろう」と考えて私たちは組織を運営している気がするので 少しだけその考え方をシェアしたいと思います。 more →
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A Very Happy New Year from Shanghai!

The lovely Shanghai skyline
Maki Current location:  Shanghai (for business trip, mainly based in Tokyo)   Only few more days till the end of 2011. How is your 2011 so far? For me, the time flies faster than ever since I was born XX years ago. Many projects proceeded and most importantly, new members  joined from Tokyo, HK, Shanghai, Singapore,Vietnam... more →
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Lessons at Asunova

Q Current location: Tokyo Hello, everybody! My name is Q. I’m a Chinese. I’m now studying at Waseda University, and after school I work for Asunova as an intern. I’ve been working here for 12 months now. I applied for Asunova because I was really interested in the project aiming at entering the Chinese... more →
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